About Us

Tungamediang.com is a premier news and current affairs resource media hub for everyone who desires to know current news about Agriculture and Export Trade, Media and ICT, Distribution and Sales of refined Petroleum Product offered by TUNGA GROUP OF COMPANIES, in Nigeria, Africa and around the world. Through our website, we help to inform and educate our readers, consumers (both existing and prospective) and keep them updated with news breaks.

Basically, the company’s media outfit is out to promote development as it concerns news on agriculture, trade export, development communication and ICT, and also create an enabling environment for people to be able to interact, share opinions and proffer solutions to the many challenges in food security, political, social and economic problems facing Nigeria and Africa at large.
Vision and Strategy

At TUNGA GROUP, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through agricultural innovation and product expansion. Our goal among others is to improve the lives of 3 million people a year by 2025 both in rural areas and around the world. We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

Core Objectives

The main objectives of the Company are in three broad categories: To carry on the business of capacity building and public enlightenment in the media, sale and repairs of media and ICT facilities, gadgets and appliances; General sourcing, processing and manufacturing and sale for export, of agricultural, food, and fish products; Distribution and sale of refined petroleum products: and other things as may be incidental or conducive for the function of the Company.


With main focus on news agric media, we serve professional and consumer markets through three overlapping sectors: Media and ICT, Agriculture and trade Export, Distribution of Petroleum product. Throughout our portfolio, we demonstrate our innovation capacity by translating customer insights into meaningful technology and applications that improve the quality of people’s lives.

  1. MEDIA AND ICT. – Tunga Media Limited is poised to carry out the activity of capacity building and training of journalists, media practitioners, Information Officers and Field Public Enlightenment Assistants using web-based techniques and ICT facilities. Senior Media Consultants and Resource Persons who have vast experience are sourced in addition to the Company’s Chief Executive who has also delivered various papers on Nigeria’s Information Management, Freedom of Information Act, Techniques of carrying out Field Enlightenment Campaigns in Health, Education and Agriculture sectors.

In addition, the Company is able to supply computers and ICT and electronic gadgets of various types, supply and maintenance of servers and data bases and establishment of ICT deployment Centres, wherever required.


  1. AGRICULTURE AND EXPORT TRADE. – The Company, with its large 12.8 hectare Farm Resource base carries out the following activities:
  • Growing an orchard of 2,000 Mango and Orange trees with new varieties of seedlings on test planting.
  • Farming different crop types such as Yams, Black-eyed Peas, Soya beans, Melon, Rice, Maize and Millet.
  • Rearing cattle and sheep.
  • Fish production using ponds and natural water sources available near the farm.



  1. Product International Target Market: Buyers of specific products sourced by the Company are being sought from target markets in USA, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. For now, the products available for export are Ginger, Sesame seed, Soya beans, Onions , Garlic and other spices, Cashew nuts, Palm/Groundnut oils, Plantain flour and she abutter. From research, market for these products are India, Turkey, UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Egypt, Singapore, Switzerland and Guatemala.
  2. Country Risk: From surveys carried out by the Company, products are readily available in Northern Nigeria and other parts of the Country; Transportation plays a key role in moving raw and processed products from source to packaging site, through inspection agencies and final destination.

Tunga Media Limited is poised to take serious consideration of this aspect of the business as the Company grows into a reliable export partner. As a first step and to enhance efficiency, we will make use of the rail and road infrastructure available around our Company site, which has the advantage on being located on the Paiko- Lapai- Katcha- Baro Port Road. There is also a rehabilitation of the Minna – Baro Rail line which is ongoing.


  1. DISTRIBUTION OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS – The Company intends to distribute MPS , Gas and Kerosene particularly to the people located within the vicinity of the Petrol Filling Station located on the edge of the Farm to enable them benefit from the Federal Government policy on Oil and Gas. As business expands, more stations will be located in the area.

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